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33.which is least likely to be the reason for resistance to major changes in job content and procedures by people who have been doing the job with moderate success for many years

a. concern about their future job security in the organization

b. concern about not being able to adjust the necessary changes

c. convern about the high cost to the organization of making the changes

d. a belief that the proposed changes are unnecessary

34. Which of the following is least desirable for a vision?

a. it should emphasize ideological objectives

b. it should be clear and easy for followers to understand

c. it should be bold and ambitious

d. it should include detailed action steps to make it credible

37. Which approach is least likely to accomplish a major change in strategy in an organization with flat performance but no obvious crisis?

a. describe the changes and routine, incremental adjustments to avoid upsetting people

b. build a broad coalition of supporters inside and outside the organization

c. make dramatic, symbolic changes that will affect the daily activities of members

d. remove from key management positions opponents who continue to resist change

38. What type of culture is most likely to facilitate long-term performance by an organization in a turbulent environment

a. a culture that strongly supports the current competitve strategy

b. a culture consistent with the values of the most powerful subunitc.

c. a culture that emphasizes the need for flexibility and continuous learning

d. a culture that creates goal alignment among organization members

39. Which of the following is most useful for developing a learning organization

a. encourage employees to become specialists in functional areas

b. encourage systems thinking by managers at all levels of the organization

c. create a reward system that fosters competition among employees

d. use imitation of competitors as the primary basis for innovation

40. which of the following is least likely to be a reason for resistance by employees to a proposal by top management to change the current strategy

a. a climate of distrust in the organization

b. the fear of losing status and power

c. cynicism about the feasibility of the proposed change

d. resentment of external dependencies

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