Realigning hr practices at egan''s clothiers

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Realigning HR Practices at Egan's Clothiers


1. Describe the business strategy/ies at Egan. Describe the HR practices at Egan.

2. What symptoms suggest a problem exists with the HR strategy or practices?


3. What problems exist with the HR strategy and practices at Egan? How do relevant theories, frameworks, concepts and/or class readings relate to what you have identified?


4. How could human resource practices and restructuring be improved at Egan? Generate solutions based on your analysis of the case. Incorporate material from your text and/or readings to support your response.


5. What barriers/resistance might Egan's decision makers encounter when attempting to implement the proposed solutions? What can be done to minimize the pitfalls you identified?

6. How should your solutions be evaluated, i.e. how will Egan's management know if they "worked"?

Reference no: EM13179629

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