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Imagine you are the manager at AgriComp and answer the following questions:

Q I: Reconstruct the management-research question hierarchy, through the investigative question stage.

Q2: Identify the variables (constructs and concepts) relevant to the study. In addition to the two variables shown on Page 2, what other variables would be relevant to the study and why? Classification variables count as well! Be specific and thorough.

Q3: Given the research questions you reconstructed, how appropriate are the measurement questions? What other measurement questions would you add and thy? Be specific and thorough.

Q4: What hypotheses can you come up with for the case and >xi& ? State your hypotheses using appropriate format. Be logical.

Q5: Evaluate the research design. Then, explain how you would do it differently. What other research methods would you use in addition to the current method? For each study you recommend, you need to talk about the actual design. For example, if you are recommending an observational study, what would you direct researchers to record/look for/listen for? Be specific and through.

Do not provide a laundry list that contains all the possible methods we have discussed over the course! It is not possible that all of them are appropriate for this case. Also, it is not possible to implement all of them for financial reasons. Therefore, be realistic when you recommend additional methods. The additional methods must add value and yet be financially feasible.

Q5: What samoline plan would you recommend and y? (You should choose from the eight sampling techniques discussed in my handout.)

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Reference no: EM13706762

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