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During the nineteenth century, Asian and African rulers usually desired transfer of which of the following western technologies?

a) Medicines
b) Weapons
c) Navigational instruments
d) Textile manufacturing equipment

Reference no: EM131045363

International challenge facing the united states today

Choose one domestic AND one international challenge facing the United States today. Discuss what they are, how they were created and how we will (if possible) resolve them.

Overcoming the more powerful nationalist chinese

Why was Mao Zedong successful in overcoming the more powerful Nationalist Chinese during the Civil War of 1928-49? What weaknesses of the Nationalists did he exploit? What

Creation of nunavut in northern canada

Pick one of the groups discussed in this week's chapter (Canada's first peoples, theInnuof Labrador, thePimickamakCree, the Dene etc.) and provide the background on the envi

Strengths and weaknesses of assessments

How effective or ineffective is his argument in your judgment? Be specific about the strengths and weaknesses of his assessments by your own critical judgment in about 1-1.

Determining the historical content-historical themes

From the approved list of historical films that is here attached, you will choose one film to view and analyze for its historical content, historical themes, and accuracy.

Consequences of the crusading movement

The Crusades: What were the causes and some of the consequences of the Crusading movement? Consider the roles and the motivations of the Byzantine Emperor, Pope Urban II, Eu

Factors that led to the outbreak of world war

Discuss the factors that led to the outbreak of World War I. What role did the alliance system play in this process? How and why did the war quickly develop into a stalemate

Truth-in-advertising investigators took a random sample

The Blue Diamond Company advertises that their nut mix contains (by weight) 40% cashews, 15% Brazil nuts, 20% almonds and only 25% peanuts. The truth-in-advertising investig


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