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Question about Final project

Topic: Adding a new product line as my management situation

1. The goal/objectives to accomplish include the following: Be prepared to sell and service the new product line by a certain date. Be fully staffed for sales and customer service. Complete a marketing campaign to prepare existing and new customers for the new product line. Overall, add the new product line within budget.
2. Tasks needed include: Form a project team to guide the implementation, create and execute a communications plan, analyze current staffing to determine what is needed for the new product line, review and address vendor and contracts, prepare information technology systems to handle new product line, market new product line.
3. As far as who will be responsible for major parts of the project, you will need a project manager(s), and a designated project sponsor. A team will need to be formed, based on the product line, consisting of subject matter experts. In addition, all projects will require some legal review and human resources management.
4. One milestone could be the start of the project - getting the project off to the right start. In addition, other phases can be marked by milestones. This can be finalizing an agreement with a 3rd party or vendor. Another could be having the right staff in place and properly trained to sell and service the new product line. Lastly, a milestone could be created around the preparation of the information technology systems created or modified to support the new product line.

Be sure to include and clearly label each section of the project in your outline. For example:

Section 1

The objective of my project is to xxxx

The tasks needed will be xxx

The responsible parties will be xxx

The project milestones will be xxx

Section 2

The schedule will be xxx

Based on the abbreviated sample above you will label each section and you will write a very brief summary of how you plan to answer each question.

Reference no: EM1328337

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