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According to the Outline, improve it to a whole educational essay. Your draft should include:

1. An introduction with at least one attention-getter and a clear thesis statement.

2. 3-4 body paragraphs, each containing a clear topic sentence, sufficient evidence/support, and explanation/analysis.

3. A conclusion, utilizing one of the concluding techniques we discussed in class.

Make sure your essay uses support from at least four articles.

Thesis Statement:

Limiting technology in class improves the quality of learning by increasing engagement, focus, and collaboration.

Body Paragraphs:

Body paragraph 1

Topic: The ability of the students to read things is declining at a tremendous rate.

Main idea: When people have the option to rewind and move back to the previous data they learned in the class, they do not get the motivation to read the data seriously at the first go. And when the students carry out with the habit for a long time, their ability to read things declines. Online classes are provided not only to the final years, but also to the initial year students. Science says that when a person is exposed to one thing for long, he becomes habitual to the extent that he feels it difficult to live without it. And, since the students have the option of rewinding back for long term of their study, they ultimately become used to it, and cannot go for reading unless rewinding option is available. This reduces their ability to read.

Support from articles: Ferdman (2015) writes, "The more children use computers at school, the more their reading abilities seem to suffer". The writer had also carried out a study for finding the correlation between online courses and reading abilities and found that the major students enrolled for online courses do not have worthwhile reading abilities.

Support from personal experience: If my personal experience be considered, since I have started opting for online classes, whenever I am in a face-to-face lecture I find it difficult to read the things indicated by the teacher on board. There is a urge to rewind back, so that the concept could be read enough.

Topic: The technology based devices like mobile phones; iPhones and laptops are grabbing the attention of the students and restricting them to concentrate on studies.

Topic: Use of technology based e-classes have reduced the option that the university or its learned professors decide what the students study, instead the option has been handed over to the novice students.

Topic: Online education is reducing the networking habit, must for business professionals.

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Reference no: EM13873054

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