Python script which will calculate the Biorhythms

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Foundations of Programming Assignment - Biorhythms

Overview - In this assignment you will provide a Python script which will calculate the Biorhythms for an individual and present the data graphically using libraries and a common algorithm.

Learning Outcomes Assessed - The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:

  • Identify and use the correct syntax of a common programming language.
  • Recall and use typical programming constructs to design and implement simple software solutions.
  • Reproduce and adapt commonly used basic algorithms.
  • Explain the importance of programming style concepts (documentation, mnemonic names, indentation).
  • Write and implement a solution algorithm using basic programming constructs.
  • Demonstrate debugging and testing skills whilst writing code.
  • Develop self-reliance and judgement in adapting algorithms to diverse contexts.
  • Design and write program solutions to identified problems using accepted design constructs.

Assessment Details - Biorhythms were developed by Wilhelm Fließ, a colleague of Sigmund Freud, in the 19th century and were very popular in the 1970s (Troutman, 1978); despite criticisms they are still used today in fields such as work safety to sports performance (Arab, Omidvari, & Nasiripour, 2014; Zareian, Rabbani, & Saeedi, 2014).

The theory underlying Biorhythms proposes that, from birth, three cycles: physical, emotional and intellectual affect our performance. Understanding these cycles can help to optimise our potential.


Although there are many references available, the paper by Troutman (1978) has been attached as an early computer application.

An example of an algorithm to determine the day of any date has also been attached.

Your task is to develop a Python application that can display Biorhythms for a person given their date of birth and the target date. You should be able to provide the Biorhythms for a suitable spread around the target date as well.

In creating the application you should seek to provide novel views of the Biorhythm curves - views that provide insight.

While you are encouraged to research and discuss your work with colleagues, the final product must be all your own work. (Screen shots of a debugger might be useful in explaining how your code works.)

Any help must be acknowledged as well as any resource material.

Attachment:- Assignment File.rar

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This assignment is creating a Biorhtyhm in python. We create Biorhythm for a year. This Biorhtyhm generate by using in-built library using matplotlib.dates, pylab import. numpy import array,sin,pi and from sys import argv.

Reference no: EM132320604

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Submission - You must supply your program source code files and your documentation as a single zip file. You may supply your word processed documentation in either Microsoft Word or LibreOffice/OpenOffice formats only - no proprietary Mac specific formats, please. Assignments will be marked on the basis of fulfilment of the requirements and the quality of the work. In addition to the marking criteria, marks may be deducted for failure to comply with the assignment requirements, including (but not limited to): Incomplete implementation(s), and Incomplete submissions (e.g. missing files), and Poor spelling and grammar.


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Marking Criteria/Rubric - Basic - Description of Biorhythms - in your own words - significant parts of the three curves including their relationship to one another 10 marks. Description of Biorhythms as sine and cosine curves - including the importance of phase and amplitude e.g. critical days 10 marks. Pseudocode for the calculation of Biorhythms 15 marks.. Graphical display with significant parts of the curves labelled 10 marks. Graphical - Display Annotation of the curves with day and date using a suitable algorithm - description of the algorithm in your own words 10 marks. Demonstration that correct day/date annotation is implemented in code 10 marks. Demonstration of features that you have created/coded in order to add value to the Biorhythm graphical presentation 10 marks. Discussion 15 marks. Report 10 marks.

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