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1. Mail order selling, catalog sales, telemarketing, and televised home shopping are all examples of

direct marketing channels.

indirect marketing channels.

multimarketing channels.

virtual marketing channels.

personal selling.

2. A marketing channel intermediary that purchases merchandise for resale at retail outlets would be engaging in a(n) __________ function.




risk taking


3. You probably own several pairs of shoes. Further, it is likely you purchased those shoes at retail stores located in a shopping mall and not directly from the manufacturer. In fact, most products are brought to you from a series of other individuals or firms known as a __________.

marketing intermediary

distribution hierarchy

marketing chain of command

distribution matrix

marketing channel

4. There are three variations of contractual systems: wholesaler-sponsored voluntary chains, retailer-sponsored cooperatives, and _________.


service-oriented voluntary chains

channel-dominated voluntary chains

distributorship cooperatives

reseller franchising

Reference no: EM132280096

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