Public policy and interest groups

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Define the role of interest groups in shaping and creating public policy. How could you benefit by participating in an interest group, such as an environmental club or a gun association? What might be a disadvantage of belonging to an interest group?

Reference no: EM13136783

Public policy on bailouts

The federal government has offered or, in some cases, even forced loans or bailouts to banks, insurance companies, and automobile manufacturers.

Relation to radical individualism

How to connect the discussion of radical individualism with a health policy question and the role of the presidency, senate, house of representatives or judicial system

Public policy correlation with public preferences

Public policy ought to reflect public preferences. Do you think public policies are in accordance with your wishes? Why or why not? Provide appropriate rationale to support

Policy analysis of smoking regulations

According to the surgeon general, smoking is injurious to your health. Which of the following three public instruments do you think would be the most effective to encourage

Comparison of power-american revolution

Which of the four Theories of Power may have been the most important to the founders and the society of the time? Which four have the strongest importance today?

Ramifications of public assistance

A significant portion of tax revenue goes toward providing welfare to the poor and needy. In your opinion, what should be the role of the federal government with regards to we

Ramifications of higher gasoline taxes

One thing governments do well is collect taxes. Taxes are a policy instrument that raise revenue and can control behavior through economic or market pressures. What would so

Endangered species act

What changes in strategies would you recommend to make this act more successful or worth the cost for a particular animal such as the blue whale, the California condor, or t


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