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Use the Internet to research a recent (within the past five years) incident of police use of excessive force. Use of Force suggest three measures that are recommended by either protocol, other police departments’ use of force policies, or police academy training that could have been taken to address the armed criminal.


Select either a real-life or fictional example of an ethical law enforcement officer. Next, identify three attributes of the law enforcement officer in question that make him / her a model of ethical behavior.

Reference no: EM13903027

Create a strategy to ensure workforce diversity

Create a strategy to ensure workforce diversity, recruitment, and planning. Include details on how this strategy will help to keep human resource costs down. Be clear and conc

Federal system decentralizes political authority

The federal system decentralizes political authority and this inevitably affects public administration’s operations at all levels of government. Administration accordingly occ

Low cost differentiation in construction consulting

When it comes to low cost differentiation in construction consulting; how would you sustain your competitive advantage? I understand under pricing everyone in the market, but

Thinking about taking course in future would understand

Summarize this course in just one (1) sentence or two (2) so that someone thinking about taking the course in the future would understand what it is all about. Discuss the sal

What is dumping and why is it such a controversial issue

Briefly describe the three functions of packaging and provide one example of bad packaging that you have personally experienced. Describe why that experience was so bad. What

Explain external strategic management

Describe how you would conduct an external strategic management audit for an organization of your choice. List the procedures you would follow and the specific variables you

Bennett sued for breach of the warranty of merchantability

At an auction, Gaylen Bennett bought fifty-five head of cattle from Tony Jansma. The next day, some of the cattle were sick. Eventually, nineteen of the fifty-five cattle died

What is the difference between a stock dividend and a stock

What is the difference between a stock dividend and a stock split? As a stockholder, would you prefer to see your company declares a 100 percent stock dividend or two-for-on


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