Psychological process that affect diversity in organization

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1. Psychological process that affect diversity in organization: identify eight [8] distinct actions that individual and/or organizations can take to increase fairness in employment decisions and the treatment of others at work. answers must be detailed

2. It is also important to mention that the use of teams in organizations has increased managerial flexibility and employee motivation. Describe the four types of teams.

List four (and explain) contextual factors to team performance.

3. Derrick’s Cupcakes and Pastries is in Taft Heights. The business does a good trade in custom pastries, pies, and cakes. Lately, though, business seems to be slowing. It really is not the customer count as the “old stand-bys” still come in regularly. No, the problem seems to be with the employees. The shop has bakers, frosting decorators, packagers, service counter personnel, and a maintenance crew. You have been asked to come in and help advise Derrick on getting his business to flow once again. You talk with all the employees and have discovered they lack motivation.

Use each of the theories below to create a plan to motivate just ONE of the groups of the employees:

a. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

b. Expectancy Theory

c. Goal-setting Theory

d. Reinforcement Theory

e. Equity Theory

Reference no: EM132184549

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