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"Providing Security Over Data" Please respond to the following:

The CIA triad (confidentiality, integrity, and availability) offers three (3) security tenets that allow data owners the framework to secure data. Considering your place of employment or your home computing environment, discuss in detail the primary means in which each of the three (3) tenets are addressed to mitigate risk and enhance security in your chosen environment.
The proliferation of mobile devices to create or access data has had a significant effect on the security concerns surrounding personal and corporate data. From the selected e-Activity article, summarize the attack, and determine the key ways in which you would consider mitigating the threat.
Research an article where an attack was targeted against a specific mobil device or mobile operating system. Be prepared the discuss.

Reference no: EM13778002

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Analyze how a hospital is similar to and different from other organizations in regards to HIPAA compliance. List the IT audit steps that need to be included in the organizati


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