Provide three potential benefits or weakness to the practice

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Criminal Justice Writing Assignmet

If you were a police chief in a city plagued by high crime and difficult problems, would you distribute your police officers to emphasize more of a crime fighter role or community policing role? As chief, would you find it a priority to ensure your police department reflects the racial and ethnic composition of the community you serve? Provide three potential benefits and/or weaknesses to this practice. Which style of policing would you seek to have your officers carry out (watchman, legalistic or service)?

Reference no: EM131382555

Pick one human rights international organization

Pick one Human Rights international organization. You may select from the list below or find one of your own choice (all organizations will need to be approved by the profes

Identify the core functions of epidemiology

Overview: For this activity, you will identify the core functions of epidemiology and provide an example of each. Define each of the following six core functions of epidemiolo

Discuss about the specific type of reliability

PSY7610:For this discussion, describe one journal article's findings on reliability. In your post, synthesize the following data and information and interpret it yourself ba

Write a response about the given post

In your unit readings from the Psychological Testing and Assessment text, you read about three sources of error variance that occur in testing and assessment. These include

What steps has your chosen state taken to prevent injuries

What steps has your chosen state taken to prevent injuries? How does this compare to other states in the nation? Describe one or two of these indicators. Also, conduct a sim

Define psychology and psychological adjustment

Define psychology and psychological adjustment.Identify contextual variables (e.g., culture) that impact psychological adjustment.Describe self-concept, self-esteem, and ident

Discuss about the post given below

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 1 and 2 of the Hesse-Biber e-book, Mixed Methods Research: Merging Theory with Practice, and the two required artic

Identify a program at a social agency program

The first step to conducting a program evaluation is to conduct a needs assessment to determine and justify the reason for carrying out the evaluation of a particular progra


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