Provide nursing care for clients requiring palliative care

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ASSESSMENT - The Great Debate

Provide nursing care for clients requiring palliative care


Learners are to form a debate team and conduct a debate on one of the following topics -

1. The use of Opioid Medication in Palliative Care


2. Euthanasia should it be legalized?

Each debate team will consist of 6 people.

One group will advocate for, the other group will advocate against.

Each participant will be required to speak for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Debate running time maximum of 15 minutes for both teams.

Some suggested ideas to be used for arguments both for and against could be as suggested below -

  • Legal and Human Rights
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Moral Beliefs
  • Pros and Cons of Use
  • Facts and Myths
  • Comfort vs Pain
  • Quantity vs Quality of life
  • Summarise Argument.

Suggested Resources - Pallative Care Australia.

Reference no: EM131302621

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12/6/2016 3:56:50 AM

Australian student, just 300 words required, this one is my topic: The use of Opioid Medication in Palliative Care and I am in favour of it. They give information how to do that debate and references also I am in favour and I want it asap within next 12-16 hours. Candidates are required to adhere to the Assessment Guidelines in their submission. Referencing used must be Harvard Style and appropriate quality references are used. A selection of websites, books and journals as sources for gathering of information is required not just dependent on website information. Time Limit 2 minutes per participant in group to give their speech and rebut. Time allocation of 15 minutes per team. Learner will be assessed on their ability to work as a team, compile research and then ability to present.

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