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Q.1 Critically evaluate the following statement: 'Most futures contracts do not end in the physical delivery of the underlying asset in which case they have no value as ahedging device'.

Q.2) What is the difference between an American Option and a European Option? If you were buying a call option which would you prefer to have? Which option is likely to attract a higher premium all other things being equal?

Q.3) CFDs, futures, options and warrants can be very similar in their characteristics but what sets them apart from each other for each pairing outline a key difference.

Q.4) Discuss the legal relationship between investors and their brokers when dealing in options.

Q.5) Explain taxation issues in relation to Derivatives, financial products and markets in which they operate.


Provide financial planning advice to the clients in the case study. In the advice process students need to apply the financial planning process in deriving recommendations. The recommendations will be based on the use of options and warrants for the clients concerned.

John and Jody are clients of Holmesglen Financial planning. Both have called you seeking financial advice and are wanting their early retirement objective to be achieved within the next 15 years. They are happy to chat to you about the use of options and warrants.

As investorsJohn and Jody have a quite bullish view that prices in the share market will rise, but as the advisor concerned you discuss there is volatility at the moment and some risk that prices might fall. Advise the clients on how they could employ risk management strategies through use of options and warrants.

At the interview Jody and John state the following points: These were noted in the Fact finder.

Jody is 35. John is 45. They have 2 children

Paul who is 7 and Marie 5 year... Jody is on unpaid leave for 9 months and prior to that she was working for 11 years as a PA with her current employer.

Her salary prior to leaving was $90,000 a year. She intends to return to work in years' time.

Both have well payed jobs. John is on $145,000 plus and works in finance

  • Mortgage $250,000 mortgage rate 5.35  % variable
  • Property value $800,000. (Suburb Templestowe)
  • Share portfolio:       2013

BHP                     2000 shares

ILUKA                  3000

Newcrest Mining    2000

RIO                     1000

ERA                     5000

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