Provide executive summary on the maroochy shire sewage spill

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Please provide a one page executive summary on the Maroochy Shire Sewage Spill case study. Your summary should not exceed one single-spaced page and should include Who, What, When, Where, Why and How the situation could have been handled. Or, perhaps it also might include how the situation was handled correctly. If you are quoting material, please ensure you cite your source accordingly. Use the concepts covered in class to enhance your summary.

The Maroochy event is the case study for this week. Please read and provide analysis in the form of an executive summary. Please feel free to search for other information that pertains to the Maroochy incident and how it was triggered by a SCADA failure.


-One page Content with single-spaced between lines


-Reference page

-No plagiarism.

Reference no: EM131073820

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