Provide an introduction to your policy-priority issue

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Policy issue: Legalizing Euthanasia

Your Policy Priority Issue


The purpose of this assignment is to: a) identify and reflect upon key concepts related to your planning a policymaker call b) provide empirical evidence to support new insights gained regarding your policy issue and the policymaking process, and c) present ideas in a clear, succinct, and scholarly manner.

COURSE OUTCOMES - This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

Analyze application of theories to the development of policies that affect nursing and health care.

Communicate with policymakers to advocate for effective policies that affect nurses and nursing, consumers, or the health care system.

Analyze the historical, ethical, and political contexts of healthcare policy and the consequences of policy implementation.

Investigate the interrelationship between policy decisions and evidence-based practice.


Assignment Criteria for Presentation:

1. Provide an introduction to your policy-priority issue.

2. Articulate key points under each of the Formulating a Health Care Policy Ungraded Worksheet #1 sections, using the headings in your paper.

3. Provide a critique of empirical evidence that supports your chosen policy issue and analysis.

4. Demonstrate the importance and impact of the chosen policy issue to nursing.

5. Provide concluding statements summarizing the content.

Reference no: EM131334040

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