Provide a clear thesis and three supporting premises

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• Provide a clear thesis and (at least) three supporting premises

• Develop one significant objection (to a premise, not your thesis) out of our peer review and course readings. Provide a thorough response to this objection that moves your paper forward.

• No quotations - as we've discussed in class, while quotations are an important part of academic writing, I want you to focus on developing your own ability to write about these complicated issues. Paraphrasing is fine (be sure to cite the page numbers if/when you paraphrase).

• In addition to King's letter, select one other article from our textbook (from "The Nature of Law and Legal Reasoning" section) that you will address in your paper.

• Any other research that you do beyond our course readings must be approved by me in advance.

4-5 pages in length, double spaced (with single space heading), 1 inch margins

Reference no: EM131320049

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