Provide a biography of the serial killer
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For this assignment, you will submit a profile of a serial offender that you will be selecting on your own. You can choose an offender discussed in the text, online, from other books, or any other resource (at the disclosure of the professor). Once you select your offender, you will:

Discuss if the offender fits the common profile of the serial murder offender. This requires much more than providing a biography of the serial killer.

Apply a typology used in the text and apply it to the offender. In doing so, explain how the offender aligns with the typology.

Discuss how the particular offender's crimes were solved (if applicable: if they were unresolved, discuss this, too); and the resolution of the case.

Cite sources using APA format. There is no required length for this paper. However, it must be comprehensive and fulfill all necessary requirements.

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