Provide a background how you came up with the idea

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The first step in the course-long project is to create a product or service for which you will develop a strategic plan. Many students have a business idea already and you are welcome to use that idea. If you do not have an idea of your own, I would suggest that you look around at a new product or service you are familiar with and "borrow" that idea.

If you elect to "borrow" an idea, be prepared to not follow the same formula as the company that already owns the idea. You will be required to support that your execution will be different that the product already in the marketplace. For example, if you decided to borrow the idea of a 10 calorie soft drink, you cannot position your company at the next Dr Pepper 10 and follow all the strategies and tactics used by Dr. Pepper. You could decide to launch a healthy, 10-calorie carbonated beverage that targets exercise fanatics...pretty sure that does not exist yet!

You may also reach out to your instructor to help develop a product or service.

In 1-2 pages:

Describe (in detail) an idea for a product or service including the need(s) that it would fill.

Provide a background how you came up with the idea.

As this is a marketing/sales course, your project should be visually appealing with a clear, concise point of view. Excellent spelling and grammar are required.

Reference no: EM131239896

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