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Reference no: EM13944620

The assignment comprises designing and prototyping part of a database systems application. Students should form themselves into groups of up to 4 members and pass details of the members of their group to the course leader.

In implementing their designs students will use the ORACLE Product SQL*PLUS

The list of products to be handed in on or by the hand-in date is as follows:

a) The database design(entity relationship model plus supporting narratives including any assumptions made)

b) A relational schema which comprises listings of table definitions clearly identifying primary and foreign keys.

Reference no: EM13944620

Assignment on database managment

The problems use the customer, orderTbl, and Employee tables of the simplified Order Entry database. Chapters 4 and 10 extend the database to increase its usefulness.

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This Final Project Paper must be a technical paper on Database topics that have been pre-approved in earlier weeks by your instructor, using knowledge gained in the course.

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