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1. Protecting any invention, including hardware and software, with patents and copyrights provides an excellent ____.

a. barrier to potential entrants    b. client base    c. increment in information share    d. level of information processing

2. With the proper technology and management methods, it seems that some energetic people can gain ____ where others have been hurting.

a. enhanced service    b. impressive performance    c. massive automation    d. strategic advantage

3. The network administrator is often involved in selecting and implementing network security measures such as firewalls and access codes.

a. true    b. false

4. Like great drama and literature, public speaking 'speaks to the ages,' because it is universally relevant.

a. true    b. false

5. Speakers should ignore physical distractions because if a speaker calls attention to a situational distraction, it will discourage listeners from focusing on the speech.

a. true    b. false

Reference no: EM131417181

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