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Q To protect the system

The typical behaviours of Internet intruders include information gathering, target systems scanning, back-door opening and log-file clean-up. A system administrator needs to have the tools, knowledge and experience to protect the system from these procedural attacks. In this Discussion, you will analyse hacker behaviour.

For information on information gathering, you can use any information-gathering service like Metagoofil, FerretPRO or free tools from Dogpile (InfoSpace, 2014) to search IRC, Usenet, email and file databases. For information on target system scanning, you can use a resource like the Nmap.Org (n.d.) site, the Northwest Performance Software (2014) site, nbtstat in Win2K or the tools discussed in last week's project.


InfoSpace. (2014) Dogpile [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 3 August 2014).

Nmap.Org. (n.d.) Nmap security scanner [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 3 August 2014).

Northwest Performance Software. (2014) Networking software [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 3 August 2014).

To complete this Discussion:

Post: Summarise the procedures and tools hackers use for information gathering, target systems scanning, back-door opening and log-file clean-up. Alternatively, give an account of a hacker story from a technical perspective, including the tools employed.

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Reference no: EM13885556

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