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Mobile and cloud based solutions

Mobile and cloud based solutions should be investigated. Furthermore, data security also needs to be further investigated, which includes data ownership (by headspace, the young person, the ED, etc), data security in the cloud and who has access permission, and to what level of access, etc.

Outputs should include the following:

- Review of mobile and cloud based.

A review of strengths and weaknesses of mobile and cloud based solutions. Taking into consideration the environment which the solution would be deployed.

- Non-Functional Requirements - a System Wide Requirement Specification

This sets out the critical system qualities, system interfaces, user interface requirements, and system constraints.

- SDLC Approach

Write brief description of the Pros and Cons to approaching the project using the 'Predictive' SDLC, then the Pros and Cons to approaching the project using the 'Adaptive' SDLC. Then recommend to use either the Predictive or Adaptive SDLC approach and briefly describe why.

Note: make assignment in the context of HEADSPACE.

Word Count - 2000

Reference no: EM131040854

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