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Can you do project on network security any topic it can be practical/ theoretical / or survey. it has to be 8-12 pages long and follow the IEEE journal standard and also need to show or demo or code or whatever the product is. for this if you can do it.. i will for now will just need topic what topic we can choose

Reference no: EM13939685

List the main components of san architecture

Describe Whirlpool Logic .Describe the penetration testing as applied in system security .List the main components of SAN Architecture . Explain SIP session setup as applied

Discuss physical and logical vulnerabilities

A first step to developing an enterprise security plan is to identify the specific vulnerabilities and related risks facing an organization. This list should be fairly exhau

How much information is available to potential hackers

Maintaining a proactive approach on security requires that an organization perform its own hacking footprinting to see how much information is available to potential hacke

Reasonable to compute rsa signature on long message

Would it be reasonable to compute an RSA signature on a long message by first finding what the message equals, mod n, and signing that?

Why is facebook protected from liability for content

Why is Facebook protected from liability for content posted by third parties. Do you think that Facebook and other social network providers should be protected from liabilit

Business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan

In order for an organization to develop an effective business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan, it must know what information assets it has, their impact on busines

Describing use of kerberos for mutual authentication

Answer the following in relation to a scenario where Bob and Alice use Kerberos for mutual authentication. When Bob receives a ticket from Alice, how does he know it is genuin

Wireless security assessment

How does this toolkit differ from that you would use for an application security assessment, wireless security assessment. You can list other types of related assessments i


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