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Create the logic for a program that calculates and displays the amount of money you would have if you invested $5000 at 2 percent simple interest for one year. Create a separate method to do the calculation and return the result to be displayed.

I really need the C++ translation, I know that the flowchart and pseudocode can be found elsewhere.

// Pseudocode PLD Chapter 9 #3 pg. 400

// Start

//     Declarations

//       num amount

//       num newAmount

//       num interestRate

//     output "Please enter the dollar amount.   "

//     input amount

//     output "Please enter the interest rate(e.g., nine percet should be entered as 9.0).   "

//     input interestRate

//     newAmount = FutureValue(amount,interestRate)

//     output "The new dollar amount is ", newAmount

// Stop




// num FutureValue(num initialAmount, num interestRate)

//     Declarations

//       num finalAmount

//     finalAmount = (1 + interestRate/100) * initialAmount

// return finalAmount

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