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Productivity Recommendations

Last week, you familiarized yourself with the Physician Care Services, Inc. case and selected metrics that would help you to evaluate the organization's productivity, with an eye to determining whether they could be successful in the current environment of health care reform. Based on your conclusions, you will have at least identified one or two areas of need which could benefit from change.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review Case 3: Physician Care Services, Inc. from Week 5, and the Assignment you submitted at the end of that week.

Now, you will develop recommendations to improve productivity and patient satisfaction. Consider what you know of Lean Management and Six Sigma principles and practices. Based on this understanding, ask yourself: What would the president and medical director want to know before making any financial and organizational decisions?

The Assignment:

  1. Based on the metrics you selected in Week 5, analyze opportunities for improvement using Lean Management and Six Sigma principles (2 pages).
  2. Develop five measurable stretch goals (2 pages).
  3. Create a presentation with speaker notes, 5-7 slides in length (200-400 words per slide), that defines a culture of accountability and quality excellence and recommends how to foster this in the emergency department.

Reference no: EM131347840

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