Produce a report which critically reviews the literature
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The construction industry is traditionally seen as slow to adopt new management techniques, especially in the domain of human resource management. Recent studies have argued that emotional intelligence (EI) may be key to improved project manager performance in construction and improves all types of work performance. However, others dispute this notion, and argue that the context and nature of tasks are neglected issues in studies of EI and performance at work.


Based on the above information, produce a report which critically reviews the literature on the role of emotional intelligence within the construction industry. You should present both sides of the argument relating to "emotional intelligence; nice to have or a necessity"?


Working individually, you are to write report (using headings and subheadings) as set out in the task above. You are required to further research the subject and expand on the issues raised. The report is to be fully referenced and all sources of information must be correctly identified and cited within the text. The Harvard System of referencing should be used. The word count should be approximately 2,500 words (+/- 10%), excluding the reference section and any appendices.

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