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Object Oriented Programming Assignment

Requirements -

You are required to produce a Java desktop application OR a Java web application that meets the universities requirement specification given in the problem statement of this assignment. This application should follow the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. Using additional software design patterns in your data model design from the following list will earn you 5% BONUS MARKS FOR EACH DESIGN PATTERN (A maximum of 35% Bonus Marks):

  • Strategy Pattern
  • State Pattern
  • Observer Pattern
  • Command Pattern
  • Decorator Pattern
  • Factory Pattern
  • Singleton Pattern

You are required to use test driven development (TDD) to create your solution to the scenario. Your solution should be implemented in the Java programing language using the NetBeans IDE. The implementation should contain two NetBeans projects as follows:

1. A Java Class Library containing the implementation of your data model as per your UML Class diagram. This project should also include the set of JUnit tests used to create your data model. The data model should have a full set of documentation generated for it using the Javadoc tool. It is not sufficient to simply mark-up your classes you MUST GENERATE the Javadoc web site. A 5% marking penalty will be applied if this is not done.

2. A Java NetBeans project which provides a Java application OR a Java web application. This project MUST make use of the classes in your Java Class Library (see 1 above). The application should provide the following functionalities by allowing a user to:

a. Add or remove a room and modify its capacity

b. See and change the current operating mode for every room and building on the university campus.

c. Add, remove, modify or view the lightning bulbs installed in a room

d. View an alphabetical list of campus users.

e. Add or remove people from the list of campus users

f. Add or remove roles from people on the list of campus users

g. "Simulate" a person on the list of campus users "swiping into a room on campus". This should generate the appropriate log entry.

h. View the current log file of users for accessing the rooms.

i. Save / load the campus data model and log file.

j. View the hourly record of room states

In addition to the software you are also required to write a short reflection on the design and implementation of your solution. There is no minimum word count for this section. You are not expected to write more than 1000 words. The reflection should cover the following:

  • How your design meets good design criteria?
  • How your design has evolved during implementation?

Attachment:- Assignment.rar

Reference no: EM131266107

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