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Module Assignment - Detailed Design

The purpose of this exercise is for you to think about and to give you practice in the process of creating details in system analysis designs. It should help you to see how the various UML models come together to be used by developers. Another purpose of this assignment is to have assess a project's status once details have been identified, as well as to decide how much detail is appropriate.


You will take your design for Homework (WristDeal) and develop some of its details using the techniques described in the notes and text. Please review the scenario characteristics in assignment.

The following additional characteristic applies:

WristDeal will incorporate a function called display Similar Items() which displays similar items bought by other users. You may want to consider several steps as part of this function, including references to additional classes as part of the process.  For example, when suggesting a similar item the application will check if the suggested items are in stock, inspect other similar products, review the items a customer has purchased in the past, as well as their wish list.

Some Notes and Hints Before You Begin:

  • Accompany each requested section with a brief description which explains your thinking and the design choices that you made.
  • Make sure to note what your diagram is based on appropriate research. For example, if your diagram is based on what you learned from the module notes, make sure to reference the appropriate section.
  • As usual, the notes are a primary source for explanations and examples; we also encourage you to do outside reading and research to gain additional perspective.
  • It is important that the entire solution is consistent. You will want to iteratively review all of the five sections to make sure that together they are consistent as a single solution.

Provide Models, and Pseudocode as follows:

1. Class Model: Identify3-4 additional classes needed as part of a detailed class model. Describe their relationships within an augmented version of the class model you drafted for homework.  For each of these classes, show two or three key attributes and functions (methods).  Update (draw) your class model from week 5 with the additional details that you have identified here. As usual, you may make additional assumptions but please state these assumptions. Remember that clarity is an evaluation criterion, so do all you can to clarify your response, such as providing narrative and explanations.

2. Pseudocode: Compose pseudocode for a function outlined in the scenario above. This function may call on other functions, possibly from other objects. You are not required to describe the called functions or the classes that they belong to as long the calls are reasonably explanatory.

3. Completion of Detailed Design: Describe in at most two single space pages of 12 font size how the completion of detailed design affects the project. Include examples from above where feasible.


Class Model

  • Hints on approaching class model are covered in assignment 4.
  • Detail classes are arrived at by generalizing sometimes (more abstract classes) but most often by specializing (more specific sub-classing).
  • Describe the role of each added detail class in your design. Explain why you need the relationships that you have introduced.


  • Module 6 provides two ways to approach writing Pseudocode within the "Specifying Methods and Algorithms in Detail" section.
  • Make a brief note (for clarity & thoroughness) which method you are picking, and why.
  • It may be helpful to develop a use case for the function outlined in part 2which you are welcome to include in the appendices.
  • For thoroughness make sure all aspects of the scenario outlined in part 2 are covered.
  • You may want to do some outside research to see how pseudocode is developed and used. You can include your findings in the Appendices section.
  • Make sure to note what your pseudocode is based on from research as there are some variations within the approaches.

Completion of Detailed Design

  • This is harder than it looks; you will want to understand the concepts first.
  • Module 6 provides an overview for you to work with within "Effects of Detailed Design of Projects"
  • Review the chart on "Bring the Project Up-to Date After Completing Detailed Design" as a way to consider what to outline in your response.
  • You want to think about which development methodology you are using (i.e. Waterfall vs. Agile) and how this will affect your completion of detailed design, consider risks as well. (Review previous assignments)
  • Since you only have up-to two pages to work with, you will need to consider what is most important and relevant to this scenario.
  • Make sure to explain how your approach to both assignments 5 and 6 supports completing of detailed design.
  • Use outside research to support your points.

Reference no: EM131403535

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For diagrams make sure to paste them into your solution within the appropriate section and that they are legible. If needed, provide the file separately for reference (we only accept Microsoft Office or Visio files, unless approved in advance with your facilitator). Hand-drawn and scanned diagrams are not accepted, we want you to practice using modern design tools. Make sure to use proper referencing in your paper. We suggest is APA format, but other formats are fine as long as it’s clear in distinguishing your work from work of others in your response. Make sure to include a reference page, but also show how these references are used within your response. Include your last name in the file name of the assignment.


2/22/2017 5:05:18 AM

You will want to organize your response as a paper write-up. The following are suggestions to a clearly organized response. Include a title page, and a table of contents. Although obvious, make sure to include your name in your assignment solution. If you want to include some of the elements from the assignment directions and characteristics, organize these in the introduction section, but only include sections which you feel add to the clarity of your response. Make sure to use proper headings and sub-headings in organizing your response. For example, this particular assignment has three parts, with multiple sub-sections.

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