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You work at XYZ company that needs to break its network address into 5 sub-networks using Cisco routers 2621 range and Cisco 2950 Series Switches.


To define the addressing scheme of the company XYZ network you will indicate:

1) The subnet mask selected,
2) the maximum number of subnets provided by the selected subnet mask,
3) the maximum number of hosts allowed for each subnet.


Install Cisco packet tracer available in the following address :

By using the Cisco packet tracer, draw the network wiring diagram using the necessary network devices (routers and switches). For each sub-network assign one or two workstations.


By using the Cisco packet tracer, assign IP addresses for network devices and hosts. Configure routers by using static routes to obtain logical connectivity between all subnets. Use the command ping to test the logical connectivity between sub-networks.


Replace static routes by dynamic routes using RIP protocol.


By using the simulation mode of Cisco packet tracer, Analyze all protocols used in the network when we do a test with the command ping between two hosts in different subnets.


Write and submit a project report that comments all tasks of this project. submit a Cisco packet tracer file that contains your network design and simulation tests.

Reference no: EM13724417

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