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Problem: A op-amp has unity-gain bandwidth of 105Hz. Its gain at very low frequency is 80 dB. You are using the op-amp in the inverting configuration with a signal that is at about 10 kHz. The op amp has a 10kΩ resistor in the feedback position and a 3 kΩ resistor in the input position. (It is also important to note that the open-loop gain of the op-amp has single pole).

a. Find the open-loop gain of the op-amp at 10kHz in unit of V/V

b. Find the corner frequency of the op-amps open loop gain

c. Find the straight-through (Forward path) gain of this configuration at 10 Khz

d. Find the loop gain of this configuration at 10 kHz.

e. Find the overall gain of this configuration at 10 kHz.

Reference no: EM13868195

Give properties to find the fourier transform of the signal

The fourier transform of the triangular pulse x(t) is expressed as: X(w) = 1/w^2(e^jw - jwe^jw - 1) Use this information, and the time-shifting and time-scaling properties t

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Consider a GaAs MESFET. When the device is biased in the saturation region, we find that Id = 18.5µa and Vgs=.35 V and Id=86.2µa at Vgs=.5V. Determine the conduction paramet

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The transistor threshold voltages are VTN = +0.4 V and VTP = -0.4 V.  - Determine the peak current in the inverter and the input voltage at which it occurs for (a) (W/L)n = 3,

Find values of external resistors for astable multivibrator

determine the values of the external resistors for a 555 timer used as an astable multivibrator with an output frequency of 2 kHz, if the external capacitor C is 3.0 mf and

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Use Shannon's expansion theorem to implement the following function using a 2:1 MUX and other non-MUX gates you may need. LetZ be your select bit and manipulate the formula

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A Building produce 400 V at 200 A. using individual photovoltaic cells that each produce 0.5 V at 1 A . Include a schematic diagram of your design idea. How many photovoltai

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An IS-95 CDMA DSSS with QPSK modulation system and assuming K = 20 users sharing the same 1.25MHz channel, if the maximum Eb/No of 7.8 dB is provided for each user and the P


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