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Below are two Biology Short Answer Questions. The answers do not have to be long, short and to the point is best

1. The replication of DNA is a complicated process during which DNA is occasionally damaged. Discuss when in the cell cycle DNA is assessed for damage and predict what effect DNA damage would have on the cell cycle.

2. Imagine that human hair color is determined by a single gene, and that brown hair (B) is dominant over blond hair (b). A male with brown hair mates with a blond female. They give birth to two brown-haired children and one blond-haired child. Using representations, show how the alleles of the parents could be distributed by the process of meiosis to gametes and how the gametes came together to generate each of the children.

Reference no: EM131062255

Do all SNPs lead to an alteration in phenotype

Do all SNPs lead to an alteration in phenotype? Explain why, or why not?  Name 2 pioneer species found in a tropical rain forest and very briefly describe the ecological serv

Write important properties of water and phospholipids

BIO328- Biology for engineers, Assignment I: -  Write important properties of water and phospholipids due to which life exists on the earth. If double stranded DNA has 14% G

What is an ectopic pregnancy

What is an ectopic pregnancy? Where does implantation of the fertilized egg usually occur? Where does the remainder of ectopic pregnancies occur? What are the treatment opti

Double stranded fragment of viral dna

A double-stranded fragment of viral DNA, one of whose strands is shown below, encodes two polypeptides called vir-1 and vir-2. Adding this double stranded DNA fragment to an i

What is meant by the character building

What is meant by character building (sometimes called "character development") and what are some activities to encourage it? (Remember, character involves being respectful,

Computer programs that scan double-stranded dna

Computer programs that scan double-stranded DNA for regions that potentially encode polypeptides have been developed. How many potential reading frames do these programs hav

What proportion of the offspring would expect to be dwarf

In pea plants flower position, stem length, and seed shape are controlled by independently assorting genes. Each characteristic has the following mode of inheritance.

Municipal application of a bacterial or archaeal activity

Describe one industrial or municipal application of a bacterial or archaeal activity. In your description, specify the microorganisms doing the work (i.e., indicate the genu


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