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1. Jane Skinner has just graduated from college and would like to purchase her first car. She is unfamiliar with the purchasing process but thinks that she could probably afford to pay about $350 per month on a loan or lease. She has about $3,000 in her savings account to use as a possible down payment. If you were asked to guide her through this buying experience, what types of advice would you give her as far as researching the car, buying new or used, negotiating the price, and financing the loan?

2. Scott and Lisa are married and have purchased a comprehensive major medical policy that covers them and their two sons. The policy has a $500 calendar-year family deductible, a $2,600 stop-loss provision, and an 80% coinsurance clause. The following losses occur: On January 1, 2009, Lisa was treated for the flu at a cost of $200; on July 4, 2009, Scott was treated for an injury suffered while playing with fireworks at a cost of $1,500; on December 5, 2009, Scott underwent gallbladder surgery at a cost of $10,000, and on January 5, 2010, Scott was treated for a broken arm at a cost of $2,000. Evaluate how much the insurer will pay for each of these losses. You must show all calculations for full credit. 

Reference no: EM13862507

Calculate the internal rate of return (irr)

For each of the projects shown in the following table, calculate the internal rate of return (IRR). Then indicate, for each project, the maximum cost of capital that the firm

What is the current market value of the firm debt

The bonds have an 7.4% coupon rate, payable semiannually, and a par value of $1,000. They mature exactly 10 years from today. The yield to maturity is 12%, so the bonds now

What is the portfolio’s expected return

Rebecca invested $9,000 in a stock that has an expected return equal to 18 percent and $21,000 in a stock with an 8 percent expected return. What is the portfolio's expected

Important characteristic of inventions

Q1. At the time the electric light bulb was invented by Edison, a major challenge he faced in selling them was: Q2. An important characteristic of inventions is that they have

Moral hazard is likely to be less of a problem

Explain in which of the following situations moral hazard is likely to be less of a problem.-  A manager is paid a flat salary of $150,000.- A manager is paid a salary of $75,

Graphing the security market line

A regression was run in Stock B and market proxy portfolio, S&P 500. The regression line is defined as: Y =8.3+1.2X. If risk-free rate is 4%, the market risk premium is 6%, an

What is the new equilibrium price and quantity

This resulted in a parallel shift in the demand for bonds, such that the price of bonds at all quantities increased $50. Assuming no change in the supply equation for bonds, w

How much inventory could it purchase on account

Speed company has current assets of $150,000 and current liabilities of $60,000. how much inventory could it purchase on account and achieve its minimum desired current r


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