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Of the people who fished at Clearwater Park today, 63 had a fishing license, and 27 did not. Of the people who fished at Mountain View Park today, 60 had a license, and 40 did not. (No one fished at both parks.)

Suppose that one fisher from each park is chosen at random. What is the probability that the fisher chosen from Clearwater had a license and the fisher chosen from Mountain View did not have a license?

Reference no: EM131319250

Standard deviation of the annual movements

The standard deviation of the annual movements in the Swiss franc is .0557, or 5.57 percent. It is necessary to focus on the volatility of the movements, not the actual valu

Overall percent defective

Fuji Importers' tubes are 4 percent defective, Kirkpatricks' 7 percent, and Parts, Inc. are 6.5 percent defective. (a) What is the overall percent defective?

Find evidence that mean amount is different from gallon

You choose random sample of 50 cans, and mean amount of paint per 1-gallon can is 0.995 gallon. Is there evidence that mean amount is different from 1.0 gallon (use α=0.01).

Find mean of sample to determine the interval estimate

A 90% confidence interval estimate for a population mean was computed to be (38.2, 59.4). Determine the mean of the sample, which was used to determine the interval estimate

How to correct error while selecting items from sample

Suppose you take a random sample of 25 from a lot of 1,000 items but later realize that you should have selected a sample of 40 items instead. How do you correct this error?

Explain confidence interval for true mean

The standard deviation of test scores on a certain achievement test is 10.5. A random sample of 150 scores on this test had a mean of 72.8.

Minimum bid and expected value of the minimum bid

A government agency is putting a large projector out for low bid. Bids are expected from 10 different contractors and will have a normal distribution with a mean of $3.5 mil

Calculation of probability of shark attacks

The number of shark attacks per year in the US is distributed approximately normal, with a Variance of 31.8 and a standard deviation of 10.


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