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A class contains 30 students. Ten are female (F) and U.S. citizens (U); 12 are male (M) and U.S. citizens; 6 are female and non-U.S. citizens (N); 2 are male and non U.S. citizens. A name is randomly selected from the class roster and it is female. What is the probability that the student is a U.S. citizen?

Reference no: EM13100947

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Assuming that the "acting time" measurements are normally distributed, carry out an appropriate hypothesis test and, at the signif- icance level of α = 0.05, make an informe

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A simple random sample of 50 adults is obtained, and each person's red blood cell count (in cells per microliter) is measured. The sample mean is 5.23 and the sample standar

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(a) Let X be the number of field goals that Mimi scores in the game. As we know, the distribution of X is a binomial probability distribution. What is the number of trials (


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