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This is an individual assignment aimed to give the student exposure to the concepts and principles underpinning Information Systems Development and their application to a realistic scenario.

Background of the assignment

This individual assignment is an opportunity for student to analyze the requirements, evaluate methodologies and tools and to apply the chosen methods and tools to design a software system for a realistic scenario provided. This assignment requires the compilation and presentation of the findings/discussion in the format of a report inclusive of design diagrams- well edited, attractive, and professionally laid out and academically sound.

Outcomes of the assignment

1. Discussion of various approaches/methodologies used in the development of information systems and proposing an appropriate one for realistic scenario.

2. Critical evaluation of alternative options for requirement capturing.

3. Apply an effective user/system requirement capturing technique.

4. Proposal for the tools and techniques for the design, and development of information system with respect to the scenario provided.

5. Design and develop static and dynamic models with the usage of appropriate tools

The System Development for Qurum Natural Park

I. Background

A Qurum Natural Park is going to be established. The Qurum Natural Park will consist of many different amusement facilities located in different area zones. In order to track and monitor the customers’ choices in playing facilities, each customer will be given a ticket containing a RFID tag before entering the park. The tickets can be read by the sensors deployed at the entrance and exits of each facility.

The manager in charge desires to set up an advanced PMS (Player Monitoring System) to record and process the information sent from each tickets, aiming to provide better customer service. The registration work is done by the ticket sellers at the box and the hardware production and deployment has already been finished. So only the software-related analysis of PMS is left to you.

II. User Requirement

The manager has given the following user requirements:

1. Before playing a facility, the players must first place the tickets on the sensors set at the entrance of the facility. The PMS will record the entry. Then they are free to enjoy the excitement brought by the facility. Upon leaving, the user needs to present the ticket again on the sensors at the exit of the facility. An exit record will be saved by PMS.

2. If the number of players in the area of a facility has exceeded the threshold number that a facility can hold, PMS will issue a warning message on the Desktop PC screen of the manager in charge when the customers tab their tickets.

3. At 10 P.M. of each day on the screen of the computer the manager works on, PMS will remind the manager of generating the daily report on usage frequency of each facility? The manager then asks PMS to sort out ten least popular facilities and show it on the screen. After the manager’s confirmation, PMS will generate the report including each total entrance number of each facility visited by the customers from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. on that day. In the end the manager saves the report to file.

4. At 10 P.M. on every 15th of each month, PSM will automatically produce a monthly report of customer list that includes the names and phone numbers of ten randomly chosen customers who have paid a visit to the Qurum Natural Park in the latest month, so that the manager could further contact them in the future. The report will be sent to the manager by email then.

Assignment tasks

Task 1

Submit a work proposal for this assignment by the end of week 3 rd i.e. 11th of August, 2016 (11:55 pm) which must include;

Expected Deliverables of the assignment [The deliverables are the specific work products that student must produce in order to complete the assignment. Example: For a business analysis assignment, deliverables could be business analysis plan, feasibility report, business requirement specification etc.]

Approach towards the solution [Specify the Literature, Software and Hardware needed to meet the assignment objectives]

Potential risks foreseeable [Technical risk, Management risk, External risk etc.]

Timeline and work breakdown (Gantt chart):


Task 2

Compare and Contrast any two well proven methodologies used for information systems development belonging to the categories of Iterative and Agile. You are required to propose an appropriate situation/requirement suits to implement your selected methodologies within the context of the given scenario. Your discussion points/ findings should be furnished as a write up with 300 words of your own apart from the referred contents.

Task 3

Critically evaluate the various options available for requirement capturing within the context of an information system development project. List down various functional and nonfunctional requirements of the scenario given.

Task 4

Perform a use case analysis for the scenario provided. You are required to produce an appropriate Use Case Diagram of the whole system with all the use case relationship along with Use Case Specification for the Use Cases identified.

Task 5

Produce a proposal for the tools and techniques for the design, and development of an information system for the scenario provided. Your proposal should have the recommendation of an appropriate development methodology, modeling technique, modeling and development tool. Your recommendations should be justified with adequate supporting points. Your proposal should be furnished as a write up with 200 words of your own apart from the referred contents.

Task 6

Design a class diagram for developing an information System for the scenario provided. Your class diagram should produce a static architectural view of the proposed information system for the scenario. You are required to provide appropriate role names and multiplicities for the relationships in the class diagram.

Task 7

Critically evaluate your proposal and your design as prepared by you for task 5 and 6 prepare a report of critical evaluation mentioning relevant aspects with improvement.

Task 8

Be ready for a presentation with your teacher to demonstrate your knowledge with concepts incorporated on the assignment.

Note: Task 8 is compulsory.

Reference no: EM131174466

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