Principles of effective leadership in virtual teams

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Question: Principles of effective leadership in virtual teams.

I need 10 principles One slide (PowerPoint) for each of ten principles (include examples on the same slide as the principle). I need to develop a training program for a group of newly-promoted middle-managers.

What does that mean for supervisors of a virtual team? is a question I must answer (or keep in mind as you come up with principles of an effective leader, and what does that look like in terms of a "who, what, why, etc. example. Below are some examples of principles- I need to be sure the principles are appropriately credited for the research and adds examples that anchor the principles in real world examples to make the training memorable and affecting. 

1) Establish and maintain trust through the use of communication technology;

2) ensure that distributed diversity is understood and appreciated;

3) manage virtual work-life cycle (meetings);

4) monitor team progress using technology;

5) enhance visibility of virtual members within the team and outside in the organization; and

6) enable individual members of the virtual team to benefit from the team.

These practices of virtual team leaders can be used to establish a foundation for training and developing future virtual team leaders.

2) Making sure employees have the tools they need to work remotely, such as personal digital devices, high-speed Internet connections and laptop computers with virtual private network connectivity.

Personal work style represents another trait that can help identify those suited for virtual work. Feedback helps virtual workers feel connected to an organization.

Succession planning and promotions involving virtual team members can be excellent indicators that they are receiving recognition and credit.

3) Be ready for resistance/ problem solving, strong code of ethics to base our decisions

4) Place the needs and interests of their team above your own

5) Effective Communication skills

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Reference no: EM13718886

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