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1. You have just taken out a $ 15 000 car loan with a 4 % APR, compounded monthly. The loan is for five years. When you make your first payment in one? month, how much of the payment will go toward the principal of the loan and how much will go toward? interest? ?(Note: Be careful not to round any intermediate steps to fewer than six decimal? places.)

2. You have just sold your house for $900 000 in cash. Your mortgage was originally a? 30-year mortgage with monthly payments and an initial balance of $ 700 000 The mortgage is currently exactly 18.50years? old, and you have just made a payment. If the interest rate on the mortgage is 5.25 % ?(APR), how much cash will you have from the sale once you pay off the? mortgage? ?(Note: Be careful not to round any intermediate steps to fewer than six decimal? places.)

Reference no: EM132281240

Derive an expression for the marginal cost of production

A manufacturer estimates that its variable cost for manufacturing a given product is given by the following expression: C(q) = 25q2 + 2000q [$] where C is the total cost and q

Decides to enter the labor force and gets job

John and Deanna are married with two children. Both adults have college degrees, but Deanna has chosen not to enter the labor force, while John has worked continuously for 10

No counteracting fiscal or monetary policy

Explain and show graphically using AD-AS diagrams how each of the following would (separately) affect the economy first in the short run and then in the long run. Assume that

Compute the depreciation schedule for the machine

A piece of construction machinery costs $5000 and has an anticipated $1000 salvage value at the end of its five year depreciable life. Compute the depreciation schedule for th

The demand curve for mcdonalds hamburgers

the demand curve to which the result pertains (it is: “the demand curve for McDonald’s hamburgers”). whether the result involves “moving along” the demand curve or “shifting”

What price will the manufacturer charge to the retailer

Suppose a manufacturer is a monopoly. This manufacturer produces a good at MC = 4 and sells it to a retailer. The manufacturer has no fixed costs. The retailer is also a monop

Indicate the different ways an individual could forecast

Indicate the different ways an individual could forecast his or her weight 10 years from now. Do these methods change based upon whether the individual is 5, 14, 24, or 45 yea

Undertake open market purchases or sales

Assume that the marginal propensity to save increases. If the Fed wants to keep the level of output from fluctuating, should it undertake open market purchases or sales? In yo


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