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1. You have just taken out a $ 15 000 car loan with a 4 % APR, compounded monthly. The loan is for five years. When you make your first payment in one? month, how much of the payment will go toward the principal of the loan and how much will go toward? interest? ?(Note: Be careful not to round any intermediate steps to fewer than six decimal? places.)

2. You have just sold your house for $900 000 in cash. Your mortgage was originally a? 30-year mortgage with monthly payments and an initial balance of $ 700 000 The mortgage is currently exactly 18.50years? old, and you have just made a payment. If the interest rate on the mortgage is 5.25 % ?(APR), how much cash will you have from the sale once you pay off the? mortgage? ?(Note: Be careful not to round any intermediate steps to fewer than six decimal? places.)

Reference no: EM132281240

About the salvage value

You are going to buy a refrigerator. Brand A will cost $700 and cost $80 per year to perate. Brand B will cost $800 and cost $55 per year to operate. You want to earn 12% per

Write out the quantity equation of money

Write out the Quantity Equation of Money. What do we mean by the velocity of money? The real GDP in the U.S. grows at a rate of 3% in the long-run. If the QTM holds, by how mu

Calculate the total change in the money supply

Assume that the Fed decided engages in an open market purchase of $100 million dollars. If the required reserve ratio is 10%, and if banks hold an additional 2% of their asset

Manufactures high sensitivity mini accelerometers

Precision Instruments, Inc. manufactures high sensitivity mini accelerometers designed for modal analysis testing. The company borrowed $10,000,000 with the understanding that

Confidential information about possible merger targets

You are suffering from insomnia so decide to watch late night TV. You see the movie Wall Street where actor Charlie Sheen plays the part of a rogue broker who steals confident

According to the quantity theory-money in long run affects

According to the quantity theory, money in the long run affects: If the Fed increased the supply of money, and velocity remains unchanged, according to the quantity equation: 

Explain how each of affects demand for health care

Explain how each of the following affects the demand for health care (that is, would it increase demand or decrease demand?): (1) physician sovereignty (the doctor controls th

Disadvantages of the incentives under capitation

Some doctors in the US are paid a fee for all the services they perform for their patients. Other doctors receive a fixed payment (capitation) for each of their patients, rega


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