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1. You have just taken out a $ 15 000 car loan with a 4 % APR, compounded monthly. The loan is for five years. When you make your first payment in one? month, how much of the payment will go toward the principal of the loan and how much will go toward? interest? ?(Note: Be careful not to round any intermediate steps to fewer than six decimal? places.)

2. You have just sold your house for $900 000 in cash. Your mortgage was originally a? 30-year mortgage with monthly payments and an initial balance of $ 700 000 The mortgage is currently exactly 18.50years? old, and you have just made a payment. If the interest rate on the mortgage is 5.25 % ?(APR), how much cash will you have from the sale once you pay off the? mortgage? ?(Note: Be careful not to round any intermediate steps to fewer than six decimal? places.)

Reference no: EM132281240

At what price and quantity would gringle maximize revenue

At what price and quantity would Gringle maximize revenue? What is its maximum revenue? At what price and quantity would elasticity of demand equal -2.4. What is the P/MR at t

Derive the equation for the per capita production function

Suppose an economy has the following production function, Y=K^1/3 (AL)^2/3. Furthermore, suppose that that the growth rate of capital is 3%, the growth rate of the population

What is breakeven point in units of production

The annual fixed costs for a plant are$100,000.For production at 80% of the full capacity, the variable cost is$140,000 and the net sales is $280,000 if the selling price per

Marginal propensity to consume out of temporary increase

Sandy is planning her consumption over five periods during which she expects her income to be 4, 10, 16, 12 and 8. What is Sandy's permanent income? What is Sandy's marginal p

Difference between the winning bidders in the two auctions

Briefly describe the difference between the mechanism of an oral or English auction and a Vickrey or second price auction. Is there any difference between the winning bidders

Propose to help keep the informal system intact

The value of informal long-term care provided by family members and friends is estimated at over $450 billion annually, more than double the national expenditures for skilled

Individual is considering two investment projects

Project B will return a profit of $2.00 of conditions are poor, a profit of $3.00 if conditions are good and a profit of $4.00 if conditions are excellent. The probability d

Stable prices than employed in a time of rising prices

If public opinion surveys show that the majority of Americans regard inflation as a more serious threat than unemployment: Does this imply that the majority of Americans would


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