Present brief debate of the notion that using item analysis
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In a paper of 750-1,000 words, present a brief debate of the notion that using item analysis allows tests to be shortened while reliability and validity are improved. Using the following format: overview of the issue, arguments in favor, arguments against, and conclusion


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Item analysis is one of the techniques used by instructors to evaluate the test items for students. This technique enables the instructors to develop questionnaire in such a way that the questions are neither too easy nor too difficult to answer. So in order to develop test items, item analysis takes into account various parameters which are listed below:Level of difficulty of a test item- This can be analyzed by evaluating

the number of students correctly answering the questions.For example, out of 100 students, if for question A, 60 students are able to answer correctly and for question B, 50 students are able to answer correctly, then it means that question B is more difficult than question A.Capacity of discrimination of a test item- This can be analyzed by evaluating the number of students getting a particular question correct with the total test score.

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