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The two main objectives of this assignment are:

1. To implement the skills and knowledge gained through the course.
2. To achieve greater awareness of the ways in which networks are used by organisations.


This assignment involves PREPARATION OF A REPORT. The report relates to the Scenario given below.


You have been asked to present a proposal for an Internet/Intranet solution for a college. The college is especially interested in the promised efficiency gains to be found from new ways of working online, and the possibilities for cost savings (e.g. less printed material distribution, allow staff to work more efficiently, and students can access course material anywhere at any time). You will research how an Internet/Intranet can best be implemented for the college. You have been asked to report back to the person in charge of ICT of the college within 4 weeks with the plan of the Internet/Intranet.

The aim of this assignment is to report on your research and give recommendations on how the college should implement the Internet/Intranet, outlining the benefits and risks of each option. You are expected to focus on the following main areas:

1. Content

o What should be the content of the Internet/Intranet?
o How should the contents be organised?
o Who within the organisation will have responsibility for each type of content?

o Who will be allowed access to each type of content?
2. Maintenance

o How often will each type of information be updated?
o Who would be responsible to update the information?
o How will you ensure it is up to date (manually or automatically)?

3. Standards and procedures

o Who would be responsible for each type of content?
o Are there any security, privacy or copyright issues for any of the types of information?


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At the end of this report, I will conclude all the findings of this project and research and also I will recommend some new features to make the security of the internet more advance and accurate. The SNI is very helpful for the virtual domain server and today this technique is allowing the servers to generate the security certificate for many web sites, but as we know that the technology is growing day by day and websites are also increasing day by day.

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    The assignment was well written, but there were 1-2 places where it needed improvement and thanks for your support you did what i was looking for. I got good marks in the assignment done by expertsmind best customer response ill try again.

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    Hi there, i have submitted theses two papers one of them is the requirement for the assignment and the other one is the assignment for last semester so i would like to paraphrasing and make improvement

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