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on 1st January 1988 red of quetta consigned to blueof Karachi goods for sale blue is entitled to commission of 6% oninvoice price and 20% of any surplus price realized. Goods costingRs.18000 were consigned to blue of Karachi at invoice price ofRs.22500. the expenses of consignment amounted to Rs.1800 wereincurred by red. On 1st march, an account saleswas received from blue showing that he had affected sales ofRs.18500 in respect of 75% of the quantity of goods consigned tohim. His actual out of pocket expenses were freight in Rs. 180 ,fire insurance Rs.90 and other expenses Rs.230, blue accepted abill drawn by red for Rs.10000 and remitted the balance incash.

Reuired: prepare the consignment account in the books of consigner.

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