Prepare paper on the evolution of teslas electric cars
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1. Cover sheet with good image and title; the title should make the narrowed topic clear.

The title is: The evolution of Tesla's electric cars

2. Importance statement: 3-4 sentences why this topic is so important.

3. Formal intro with thesis and preview. Everything should be perfectly narrowed: place, time, person, and theme.

4. What emerging technology? Please use the traditional filters of time, place, person, and theme to narrow this technology. This should be about three paragraphs. You can write "abbreviated" paragraphs in this rough draft but use very clear topic sentences.

5. What cultural impact? About three paragraphs. Good topic sentences. Focus on precise place, time, and people.

6. Final reflections

7. Conclusion--brief summary. "In this presentation, I have attempted..."

8. Works Cited. Four excellent sources that you think might help you. These sources need to include discussion on your thesis. Avoid general sources.

9. Appendix with five images or charts.

Please make sure you do this assignment following the assignment topic: The evolution of Tesla's electric cars.

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