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Task 1 - Prepare for Training

 a. Brief Report  learning models/theories.  Select ONE theory / model from list below; your report should include:

  • A descriptive summary of the theory
  • An explanation of how the theory relates to adult learning
  • Examples of how you might apply the theory as a facilitator

Theories and Models

  • Behavioural Learning Theory
  • Kolb's Learning Theory
  • Information Processing Theory
  • Cognitive Learning Theory
  • Constructivist Learning Theory
  • Situational Approach to Learning
  • Problem-based Learning
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Emotional Intelligence

b. Read the following case study

Genesis Designs is a well established jewellery and accessories business in which Loris has been working for the past 11 years.  Loris completed a design course through TAFE 10 years ago after leaving school at age 16; this being the last formal study she has undertaken.  There are four other employees in the company.

The owner has offered Loris the position of manager.  The current manager is moving overseas and will stay on to assist Loris' transition into the role for 3 months.  Loris is certain of her capability in her current designer role and whilst she is familiar with many of the aspects of the business she has never been responsible for managing a business or employees and is uncertain how she will meet the requirements of such a role, although she is quite excited about the opportunity to develop her career.

The owner has requested Loris undertake a small business management course at TAFE as part of this promotion which means that she will have to attend classes two nights per week.

Loris is worried about how she will find 'returning to school'.  She recalls finding school and her design studies difficult and is anxious that other students in the course may be better educated and have more experience that she does.  She is worried she may be embarrassed and is anxious about her ability to succeed.  Loris' has a young family and whilst her partner is supportive she is concerned about losing quality time with her family by undertaking the study program.

Now complete the following table by:

  • Considering Loris' learning needs and learner characteristics
  • Identifying the barriers that could affect Loris' learning experience
  • Deciding what strategies you would develop to overcome these barriers if you were responsible for facilitating Loris' learning

Principles of Adult Learning

Barriers to Loris' Learning

Learning/Facilitation Strategies

The learner's need to know



The learner's self concept



The impact of the learner's previous leaning experience



The learner's readiness to learn



The learner's orientation to learning



The learner's motivation



a. Catering for Special Needs:  This scenario describes a learner group consisting of 7 people:

This scenario describes a learner group consisting of 7 people:

Julie:  has a hearing impairment - she is able to read lips well but has trouble making herself understood vocally.

Joanne: is quite a boisterous person who is known for being outspoken but has a problem with reading

Peter:   is almost at retirement age and believes he should not be there because the training will be of no use

Rui:  has just joined the organisation and works in the IT department. His computer skills are exemplary. However, his reading and writing skills have been assessed at needing support level 3

Caitlyn: will be participating via web cam as she works in a remote area and cannot get to class

Sayid:   whose Muslim religion requires he leave the class for prayer at specific times throughout the day

Sarah: who has not given any information regarding restrictions to her learning

Write a brief report (by completing the table below) which should include:

i. A layout of your training environment to accommodate the apparent needs of your participants

ii. Reasons why you have placed students in those seating positions

iii. Identify what specialist learning support or other support persons are required and included in the work and learning process

iv. Identify any support services required:

  • Any physical environment support needs
  • Where they are obtained from
  • Who do you need to obtain approval from to ensure they are available for your training

v. Outline your learning support strategies to assist  each of these students ( including LLN for Julie & Rui )

vi. How will you respect individual rights and confidentiality

vii. How these strategies and processes would be monitored and reviewed. You have noticed that Rui is struggling in class, what additional support strategies could you implement?

Task 2  Session Planning and Preparation

i. Plan your subject content and prepare a session plan for each delivery incorporating different delivery techniques

ii. Prepare learning resources and activities that are customized to the specific needs of each learner group

iii. Organise the training facility, technology and equipment needed for your training session

iv. List relevant legislation and policy requirements that may impact on your learner group

v. Conduct a hazard inspection and complete a risk control plan of your workplace learning environment and document your findings (see templates provided)

Task 3 - Deliver Training

During delivery you will need to demonstrate:

  1. Effective facilitation skills to ensure active participation and group management
  2. A range of facilitation techniques
  3. Your ability to modify facilitation to meet the specific learning requirements of the learner group
  4. Effective conflict resolution and negotiation skills, if required. 

NB As this situation may not present itself during the delivery session the following activity is required to be completed:

Consider the dysfunctional or disruptive behaviours you have observed in groups, especially in learning environments:

  • list four (4)
  • consider why these behaviours may occur (what might be the cause)
  • describe appropriate strategies for dealing with the identified behavior

Task 4 - Conclude your Training

At the conclusion of your delivery you are required to :

  • Gather feedback from your learner group using an appropriate evaluation tool (provide sample of your evaluation feedback tool)
  • Use the feedback from your learner group and document any modifications and improvement to your learning program
  • Using template provided complete a self-evaluation
  • Briefly document how you would maintain and store learner records

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Reference no: EM13188631

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