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Wade Corp. has 150,800 shares of common stock outstanding. In 2012, the company reports income from continuing operations before income tax of $1,216,500. Additional transactions not considered in the $1,216,500 are as follows.

1. In 2012, Wade Corp. sold equipment for $38,100. The machine had originally cost $82,300 and had accumulated depreciation of $33,100. The gain or loss is considered ordinary.

2. The company discontinued operations of one of its subsidiaries during the current year at a loss of $190,200 before taxes. Assume that this transaction meets the criteria for discontinued operations. The loss from operations of the discontinued subsidiary was $93,400 before taxes; the loss from disposal of the subsidiary was $96,800 before taxes.

3. An internal audit discovered that amortization of intangible assets was understated by $39,200 (net of tax) in a prior period. The amount was charged against retained earnings.

4. The company had a gain of $129,200 on the condemnation of much of its property. The gain is taxed at a total effective rate of 40%. Assume that the transaction meets the requirements of an extraordinary item.

Analyze the above information and prepare an income statement for the year 2012, starting with income from continuing operations before income tax. Compute earnings per share as it should be shown on the face of the income statement. (Assume a total effective tax rate of 38% on all items, unless otherwise indicated.) (Round earnings per share to 2 decimal places, e.g. $1.48.)

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