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An RA is a substantive assessment intended to measure student performance against selected course objectives and/or program outcomes within a course. RAs are completed by all students across all Argosy University campuses and delivery formats without exception. Each RA contributes to a significant portion of the overall course grade and is assessed by faculty using the rubric designed for that assessment. These are individual assignments, and students earn individual grades. RAs are not intended to assess students on every topic covered in the course but just on the key course objectives and/or program outcomes.

In this course, two major assignments or RAs make up 50% of your total class grade. In RA 1, you will analyze a case study to determine key factors that impact change. Then you will conduct a literature review of articles that address those key factors. Finally, on the basis of your research, you will determine and justify your choices for the three factors that are most important to the success of a change initiative. Your full report should be a 10- to 12-page Microsoft Word document, written in a clear, concise, and organized manner. A description of RA 1 is given in M4 Assignment 2 RA 1.

In RA 2, you will develop a proposal for a training program on facilitating change within an organization. Your full report should be a 12- to 15-page Microsoft Word document, written in a clear, concise, and organized manner. A description of RA 2 is given in M7 Assignment 2 RA 2.

To ensure that you have carefully reviewed and planned how you will approach these major requirements, your final assignment in Module 1 is to review the descriptions and create a timeline for accomplishing each of these assignments during this course. See the rubrics listed at the end of the RA descriptions. Your timeline should be a Microsoft Word document.


Carefully review the description of each of these critical projects, prepare a timeline for completing all parts of them, and submit that timeline to your instructor, as described below.

Describe exactly what you will do to complete these tasks and when you will do each of these tasks.

List the resources and information you will need to obtain to complete the tasks.

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