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You are required to watch the following YouTube clips from the GRI Secretariat:

1. The GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards: The Future of Reporting

2. Introducing the GRI Standards

You must also read a fictional case study based on a company that will be provided to you in due course.

You must then prepare a sustainability assessment report referring to the Consolidated Set of GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards 2016 that specifically addresses:

A. Economic sustainability
i) Disclosure 201-2 Financial implications and other risks and opportunities due to climate change
ii) Disclosure 205-3 Confirmed incidents of corruption and actions taken
iii) Disclosure 206-1 Legal actions for anti-competitive behaviour, anti-trust, and monopoly practices

B. Environmental sustainability
i) Disclosure 302-1 Energy consumption within the organisation
ii) Disclosure 304-2 Significant impacts of activities, products, and services on biodiversity
iii) Disclosure 307-1 Non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations

C. Social sustainability
i) Disclosure 401-1 New employee hires and employee turnover
ii) Disclosure 406-1 Incidents of discrimination and corrective actions taken
iii) Disclosure 413-1 Operations with local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs

You will be required to include a minimum of 15 references in your Risk Assessment Report at least 5 of which must come from academic journals or textbooks.

Attachment:- Assessment Information.rar

Attachment:- Assignment format.rar


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This report has focused upon different issues that are faced by a fictitious company Timberwell within their organisational insights. While analyzing this study, it is observed that age and gender discrimination along with different factors of environmental degradation has considered as main issues in this context. GRI standards related to social, economical and environmental sustainability is disclosed in this study in a proper way, which it is possible to gain basic knowledge to improve the future improvement of working environment of different organization.

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    Very good work and professionalism, however I urge the experts to read through the solution, thoroughly! There are 4-5 grammatical mistakes found and after telling you revised, that was good. Thanks I am satisfied with your service.

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    Hi there, I have came up with another assignment and this is a report on Sustainability Assessment. The first document which i have attached is the assessment outline of assignment the second doc is a doc in which there is a fictional company which does not exists and the third doc is the assisgnment pattern which is intructed by lecturer. To begin with, you have to study the fictional company carefully and then answer accordingly. You will need to provide 15 genuine references from which 5 should be from academic journals or textbooks. Also the referencing style should be Harvard referencing style with In Text and End Of Text. I have also attacehd the marking rubric. Please write the whole assignment in simple english with high relevancy and as i said that i have already uploaded the assignment format in attachement 3 so please write the whole assignment in the same format. This is my last assignment and i dont want to fail the subject. For any further queries or information please dont hesitate to email me. Thanks

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