Prepare a power point presentation on the tallinn manual

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Cyber Warfare Assignment

Cyber Warfare class 5 pages

Annotated Bibliography

Please complete an annotated bibliography on your assigned about Iran. The annotated bibliography must contain at least 20 entries. You may use Internet sources, but please include at least 5 academic journal articles in the assignment.

Tallinn Manual Review 10 pages

Please complete a 10 slides power point presentation on the Tallinn Manual.



Description of major parts and sections

Please cite specific section or page numbers. Expand on the bullet point in the notes section of the slides .

Project 10 pages

The assignment shall include a paper of not less than 12 pages . Paper should be an APA format, double spaced, and contain at least 20 references. Presentation shall be no less than 10 minutes in length per person
Please use the following outline for your paper and presentation:

1-Iran background
6-Discuss high profile attack
7-Future Cyber Warfare (How can they leverage capabilities in the future).

Reference no: EM131085373

Question about substitution ciphers

Think about two substitution ciphers. One adds a value of i to the ASCII code of the plain text character. The other adds a price of j to the plaintext character. All addition

Find time when station c hears the collision

The size of the frame is long enough to guarantee the detection of collision by both stations. Find: The time when station C hears the collision (t3).

Provide one real-world example that demonstrates severity

Examine at least three (3) risks associated with using public wireless access points to gain access to a corporate network. Provide one  real-world example that demonstrates

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ABC Institute of Research has sensitive information that needs to be protected from its rivals. The Institute has collaborated with XYZ Inc. to research genetics. The inform

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Why is the current practice of securing the enterprise by hiding it behind hardened firewalls becoming extinct? What should network engineers expect to happen with security in

Conduct a partial as-is audit of the healthy body wellness

You will be required to conduct a partial as-is audit of the Healthy Body Wellness Center organization - Create two additional question sets (The category and questions). Tip:

Academic method to project management

Sunnyville Corporation is in the business of selling home appliances. Sunnyville Corporation  has over 50 sales agents across the country. The management at Sunnyville Corpora

Develop the issp for the organisation

You are required to analyse the scenario on page 3 and develop the following ISSP for the organisation - You also need to include a section containing the justification of the


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