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All the pages/code must include:

-detailed comments explaining what you have done for anyone to follow

-a header and logo

-a footer with copyright, date, and email information

-proper names for files and folders

-proper filenames and folders references

Part A -

-Use of HTML tags (at least 10):

  • paragraph, list, line break, blockquote, logical/physical styles

-Use of Hyperlinks and anchors. You must have

  • one or more external links
  • email link

-Absolute and relative reference for files and links

Make sure all the elements are property specified (open/close tags), that all links work properly.

Part B -

-Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

-Proper use of class and id

Your website must have an external CSS for uniformity. You can use embedded and/or inline styles, if necessary.

Part C -

Images, with proper accessibility requirements

Any image you use must be properly referenced if it is not your own. The images must be in a separate and properly named folder.

Part D -

Make sure you follow 'best design practices": ease of navigation, short pages, alignment, contrast, repetition. Keep in mind your target audience.

Part E -

You use should a two-column or three-column layout. Your design must handle various devices: mobile, desktop, etc.

Part F -

You must include at least one table in your content pages.

Part G -

You must include at least one form. For example, create a form to provide the user with the option to contact you, to request a quote for services.

Part H -

Include Javascript code to enhance your website

Finding a Host: Investigate a place where you can host your final project. There are lots of free places; the trade-off may include having advertisements or providing some basic information. If you do, provide the url of the host you find that will serve your needs.

Reference no: EM131304145

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