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Topic: HR report:360-degree appraisal in performance management

Give examples of how the topic is being applied in three organizations.

-Your choice of organizations needs to reflect the following:

-You cannot use the same topic or companies as other groups.

-The following organizations are "banned" because the culture of these organizations and their HR practices are well known: Apple, Facebook, Google, Starbucks Coffee, Southwest Airlines, or WestJet Airlines. Other organizations might be added to this list.

-Your organizations need to include: one company outside North America, one Canadian company, one private company [not listed on a stock exchange], anyone of a not of profit/NGO/public service organization, and one sustainable/clean energy/environmental company. Any organization you choose could cover multiple categories. For example; a not for profit, Chinese, clean energy company would cover the requirement for outside of North America, clean energy and not-for-profit. Your report needs to explain your choice based on these criteria.Your write-up should target a manager who is assumed to have taken an HR class. Your research should identify something beyond what has been covered in class and the textbook, and explain this research.

A component of this project is to read and interpret academic and business literature. A paper can only receive full marks if it references and incorporates content from at least three academic articles (e.g. Journal of Management, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied.

Reference no: EM13812487

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